One Obsession

One Direction’s latest album, Midnight Memories, was leaked today and it is just as awesome as I expected it to be!

It is officially released in a couple weeks, and the latest song the band has released as a single is Diana. I still can’t wait for the day I can buy the CD in the store and physically hold it my hand and cherish… oh, is it getting weird now? I’ll stop.

But I don’t think this girl will ↓

My roommate unfortunately caught me watching this alone in my room with the lights out smiling and laughing. oops.

I can’t even be embarrassed though because I’ve recently discovered a new trivia game. As everyone should know trivia games are the so it was a great day overall. I rocked my typical categories, TV shows, mythology, and logos. However, I failed at One Direction! Some of the questions were their moms names, eye colors, first pet names, and the directors of specific music videos. No one should have that much knowledge on five boys they have never met in my opinion.

Even if I’m saying that out of jealousy, I’m still proud of all the Directioners that are partly responsible for shutting down 8 tracks for a period of time when the CD leaked. Whoo!