Blood, Sweat, and Friendship

You only get one chance at a first impression.

Puts a lot of pressure on you, doesn’t it? Good thing that seems to have little effect in my life and I end up embarrassing myself no matter what the situation is.

Some of my most memorable ones would have to be the time when I met a guy on the football team when we tried to take a picture of him talking to one of my friends and it was just me thumbs-upping him since I was unaware I was blocking her out. He not only caught me taking the stupid picture, but was also tagged on Facebook. Just him and me. It’s not that weird is it? Keep in mind I had never spoken to him before.

jason thumbs

Or what about that time when I approached a girl in one of my classes because she was wearing a Taylor Swift shirt and I blurted out that her and Harry Styles just began dating before even introducing myself. Thank goodness she was a fan and that she also shared a passionate love for cats. We were just meant to be friends, until she moved to North Dakota a couple of months ago. You can say we keep in touch.

cat birthday picture
Her way of wishing me happy birthday…

One I will never forget is when I was running on the track last winter, doing a set of stairs every two laps. Meanwhile another young man is doing stairs constantly, so I kept passing him, getting in his way a couple of times.¬†Eventually I’m done and I passed him by the drinking fountain and went over to apologize, making a clever joke (it really was) and we had a nice little conversation, I said bye and left.

Sounds great right? The start of a blossoming friendship? No.

I meet up with my running partner shortly after and she informs that my lips are so chapped they are bleeding and there is even blood on my teeth. All in all, I hope I never see this kid again.

And I didn’t until this year. He works at our on campus cafeteria, and fortunately for me, the station I love the most is the one he is most frequently working. I don’t think he recognized me the first few times, but he definitely figured it out. He acts all sweet and remembers what I eat, which is the same exact thing everyday, so it’s not too flattering. But considering we haven’t exchanged words yet, I can pretty much assume he laughs on the inside a little every time he serves me.

It’s okay though because little does he know, my friends and I refer to him as “bloody tooth kid”. I don’t care if it’s an undeserving nick name and one that doesn’t make much sense. It sounds way better than “guy I met while working out with chapped, bloody lips and a terrible smile.”