Teeth Cleaning

I’m a sucker for love stories and romantic comedies and just romantic moments and gestures and boys.

The best is watching movies where the characters fall in love for the first time. Especially an honest story, where it’s not too messy because they aren’t both in relationships and its super complicated but just like the perfect amount of suspense on whether it will work out or not. Those are wonderful. The first love where the girl is a little messed up or insecure, just enough that the guy is perfect for her and fills every flaw with his better half.

I always think about if that would happen in my life, or did happen. I would never know. I would never know how much he cared if he doesn’t say it when we are together. I will never know whether he thought about texting or calling or how many times he thought about it. Did he ever gush to his friends about me? Were his palms sweaty when we talked? Did he start caring more about how wrinkled his shirt was or how his hair looked before he walked out of the house in the morning?

But isn’t not knowing half of the fun? Besides I definitely don’t want to know all of my specific flaws. That could be embarrassing enough for me not keep trying to get to know him. The amount of time it takes for the girls flaws to stand out in love stories is ridiculously quick. I’m not sure if I could handle the pressure. 

One thing I do know is that I will always love romantic movies. They will always make my heart melt and I am not complaining.

Oh. Quick fun fact of the day that I learned tonight was that kissing strengthens the immune system and makes people happier in general. It also cleans teeth, so there’s a bonus. 


Senior Day Surprises

We all woke up an extra hour early, rushed through breakfast, grabbed the supplies we scrambled together the night before with the money we had available. We went quick and quiet. We all knew our assigned roles and we were ready to fulfill them. We entered the code and flipped the latch. It was cold and we still weren’t fully ready for what we were about to experience; some of the last minute details were still being thrown together. I starting ripping the tape and helping cover the holes in the metal. The other two in our group were lifting each other up efficiently to finish the crafty web on the ceiling before anyone caught on to what we were planning. Time was running out and we hadn’t finished prepping the chair. The volume and anticipation was starting to build and we couldn’t wait any longer. All five lockers were decorated and we had to let the seniors in to see if our decorations were anywhere close to representing how much they had impacted us.

It was Senior Day!

Fosters locker

Senior Day is something every athlete experiences. The coach gives a long speech calling out the best qualities of each graduating player. There are a ton of pictures taken and even more food. Family all comes together to watch the last game and the rest of the day seems like a celebration.

In college it is especially weird. It reminded me of my high school soccer career and looking back to when I was a senior. At the same time, it forced me to consider the future. Of our five seniors who was I the most like? Was I going to be out on injury, was I going to be engaged, graduating early, team captain, already employed?

Yeah, you read right. One of our seniors is engaged. Maybe it’s not odd that she is a senior in college and is engaged, but it is a good story on how it happened.

On Senior Day! That’s right, freshly engaged, as in today. It was wonderful, it was beautiful (the proposal and the ring) and we were all crying. It was a perfect timing, on a day already about the lucky girl, surrounding by all of the people she held closest to her, in the middle of the field on her last home game, with a win under her belt.

I can’t help but to think how cool it would be to be engaged. Marriage is most girls my age dreams for the coming years. I’m not ready yet though. I’m perfectly content with my boyfriend coming to celebrate my birthday with me and only offering a few shirts supporting, the Detroit Lions, Tigers, and Red Wings, as he as recently gotten me into following.


But regardless as to where anyone is with their lives. Proposals are romantic and this is one I will never forget.

365 Days of Awkward

I was watching the first fall episode for season 3 of Awkward today and was really confused with why the show had it’s title. The entire episode was about whether or not she should tell her boyfriend she was cheating on him and trying to figure out how to stop her affair. That situation is not exactly awkward for me. It’s straight forward. You end the affair by no longer hooking up with the other party and you tell your boyfriend by walking up to him and saying, hey, “I’m really sorry (if you actually are) but I’ve made a mistake and we need to talk about it.”

She did get caught in the end of the show, making out with the other guy  in front of her boyfriend when he threw her a surprise birthday party. So I suppose that is awkward because I don’t know anyone who is prepared to handle that situation. However, most people would never put themselves in that position if they are worried about experiencing awkward moments.

Which I am.

It’s not even that awkward situations are my issue, it’s simply social situations in general. Which really doesn’t make any sense at all. I love being out and experiencing things, but I am definitely a spectator. I like to take in other peoples stories. I live vicariously and just go out to widen my opportunities to do so.

Day after day I try to improve my conversational skills. I know they aren’t bad. When I am comfortable with people it’s said I can be clever, humorous and fun. With strangers and new acquaintances on the other hand I’m known to just stare blankly and make awkward noises, not leaving a very good impression if any at all.

For instance, I had lunch with my friend and her new guy two weeks ago. Today she felt the need to inform me that he asked who the blonde was that she was always hanging out with. She laughed when he didn’t know my name and laughed even harder when he informed her he didn’t even remember eating with me. Two weeks isn’t that long is it?

This isn’t the first time this has happened.

It’s a good thing I already have a boyfriend because I would be the next forever alone representative if I was trying to make that kind of connection with someone. I do have a thing for  cats though, so that’s always an option.

I’m really struggling with this issue and it makes me a little jealous when I watch movies and see how confident and smooth characters are. Maybe that’s why I love movies so much. Or maybe it’s because they give me hope, because even when the main character isn’t so confident things usually tend to work out.

Comfort Zone

Things That Make You Comfortable

  • walking in your front door and knowing your home become a smells like home
  • laying in your bed
  • pulling on your favorite sweatshirt on a rainy day
  • holding a cup of hot cocoa in your hands
  • waiting with your car running while parked until the song ends.
  • feeling your cat lay its head on your lap 
  • finding the perfect deal at the store
  • hugging your best friend

All of these things give you a soft and fuzzy feeling on the inside that lets you know in that moment you are being accepted for exactly who you are. This is how you should feel every time you see that special someone. That’s a healthy relationship.

Some people know they have met someone special when they feel the ‘spark’. Personally, I think the ‘spark’ phenomenon works sensation is just the walls of our comfort zones breaking to let someone else in. 

Being comfortable in your relationship means you don’t feel stupid for asking a question, it means you won’t be nervous when bringing up a topic that hasn’t been discussed yet, it means you don’t have to worry about your insecurities, it means not having to get ready every morning, it means not having anything to do but enjoy the others company, it means being able to sit in the same room doing separate tasks and not have to talk,

and it definitely means there is a certainty of trust and expected honesty from both sides.