You Don’t Need to Be Super to Be Someone’s Hero

Batkid, he is old news now isn’t he? But what the news coverage itself has sparked is remarkable. The monumental difference organizations like Make-A-Wish can make is incredible.

Although Make-A-Wish is known for providing the silver lining to those who have already fought the battle and lost time, it gives awareness to other groups solving the problems and hope to all about how much effect every person can have by just giving a little of their time or money. I myself never saw the level of impact the foundation has on children and families until recently. Like a majority of people I just saw the name Make-A-Wish and automatically associated it being for a good cause. But it’s more than that.

I’m part of an on campus group that just recently raised money for a young boy battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia in our community to make his wish of attending the 2014 Superbowl come true. With the help of another university we had to raise $5,000 and we did! I was able to meet with him and see the joy in his eyes, probably a look he hasn’t given much in the past few years. Along with all the press on Batkid and the positive after effects, I really feel honored to say I was a part of something that touches and changes so many lives forever. How many people get to say that they were instrumental in forming a day that a child will never forget?

It’s also amazing how one day, especially in Batkid’s case, could spike donations and volunteering levels as it did. Seeing San Francisco and the nation come together for one cause through compassion and generosity, it’s extraordinary. Not to mention, the appreciation of Miles Scott’s (Batkid)  family to start the Batkid fund that will benefit Make-A-Wish and the Ronald McDonald House.

These children really do suffer and it’s not only them personally experiencing pain, their entire families are affected as well. I hope that in the future I will continue to stay involved and keep being able to positively impact the lives of those who deserve more.


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