Thanksgiving Thoughts

I’m thankful for break and a chance to come home for the first time in 4 months. But saying it was a break, doesn’t necessarily mean it was relaxing.

We did all of the traditional things:

  • Woke up and had a grand breakfast.
  • Watched the parade.
  • Started some cooking.
  • Watched the football game. Go Lions!
  • Finished the cooking
  • Set the table
  • Eat our Thanksgiving Meal.
  • Sleep.
  • Eat desert.
  • Watch a movie, and Ender’s Game was a good one to pick.
  • Fall asleep and start a new day.

Being together with the family is fun though even on a tight schedule. The best part for me is how it takes my mind off things that are happening directly in my life back at school.

The best way I can relieve stress is by focusing on other tasks, and my task of choice is playing games. Playing Scrabble with my family is always a great time and for some reason this year just seemed so much better than most. We played my first day back and are still referring to jokes and words played 2 days later. I even got the boys to play a game of Pictionary, and the better yet, a few rounds of Taboo.

This gave me the bright idea that I should assign mandatory game nights in my apartment next year with my roommates and other competitors. Unfortunately, this reminded me of my new apartment, bringing me back to reality.

How am I going to rearrange my room with a bigger bed? Which reminds me that I need to buy or build a bed frame, and outside of my room we need dishes for the kitchen and maybe to invest in a sofa, and definitely a television. Which then brings me to Black Friday shopping and how I should maybe try to find real deals, not just misleading advertisements. Bringing me to the conclusion that I can’t because I’m broke. A broke college kid… a college kid going into finals week, and the assignments I’m running out of time to finish.  Which brings me back to the age old question of what the heck I’m going to even end up choosing as my career, so Nichole, feel free to stop thinking at anytime.

Oh boy. Did I mention yet that I have a lot of little things running through my head, and I am having trouble trying not to feel stressed.

Thanksgiving was nice to remind me of what I have and motivate me to keep making strides in the right direction for it will be time to return to those commitments again soon.

P.S. All suggestions welcome.


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