Friends Come First

I love meeting new people and hearing about their experiences. I don’t know if it’s because my life can be quite boring at times, but any chance I get to hear a good, original story I’m there. I’m not one to say no to an adventure, or just any invitation out that I receive, even if I’m exhausted or have homework to do, you can count on me being there.

Not because I have that silly scared to miss out syndrome – FOMO, or whatever the kids are calling it these days, but because I genuinely enjoy experiencing new things and have conversations constantly about ideas and possibilities.

The only drawback with meeting new people, to make room, its less time you get to spend with your older friends, and that can be sad. It’s a careful balance between not hurting feelings and maintaining healthy relationships. The perfect friendship is one that no matter how much time has passed, you feel like you haven’t missed a minute.

I’ve found a few of these people at my time in college and cherish every minute with them.

With good people and good conversation, going to the same restaurant every Saturday can be an enjoyable time. Especially with a diverse group of friends, I always learn something new or get an interesting take. I love having my own thoughts and opinions challenged.

Just the other night I sat on a futon with 6 other people in the room for 3 hours, no TV or music, just us hanging out. We talked about things from card games to food to the benefits and drawbacks of recycling and what type of options there are for changing the voices on a pronunciation website. We found ourselves on that because we were debating on the proper way to pronounce the word turbine.

They are my Ferris Family and I couldn’t imagine a day here without seeing any of them. When I go home for break I miss them more than anything. They are the ones I call after any little insignificant thing happens in my life. Even the guys chip in on how I should paint my nails for the upcoming week. I can truly be myself around them, and they are the type of friends that when I take a step back I know they are who I have to keep in my life. 


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