365 Days of Awkward

I was watching the first fall episode for season 3 of Awkward today and was really confused with why the show had it’s title. The entire episode was about whether or not she should tell her boyfriend she was cheating on him and trying to figure out how to stop her affair. That situation is not exactly awkward for me. It’s straight forward. You end the affair by no longer hooking up with the other party and you tell your boyfriend by walking up to him and saying, hey, “I’m really sorry (if you actually are) but I’ve made a mistake and we need to talk about it.”

She did get caught in the end of the show, making out with the other guy  in front of her boyfriend when he threw her a surprise birthday party. So I suppose that is awkward because I don’t know anyone who is prepared to handle that situation. However, most people would never put themselves in that position if they are worried about experiencing awkward moments.

Which I am.

It’s not even that awkward situations are my issue, it’s simply social situations in general. Which really doesn’t make any sense at all. I love being out and experiencing things, but I am definitely a spectator. I like to take in other peoples stories. I live vicariously and just go out to widen my opportunities to do so.

Day after day I try to improve my conversational skills. I know they aren’t bad. When I am comfortable with people it’s said I can be clever, humorous and fun. With strangers and new acquaintances on the other hand I’m known to just stare blankly and make awkward noises, not leaving a very good impression if any at all.

For instance, I had lunch with my friend and her new guy two weeks ago. Today she felt the need to inform me that he asked who the blonde was that she was always hanging out with. She laughed when he didn’t know my name and laughed even harder when he informed her he didn’t even remember eating with me. Two weeks isn’t that long is it?

This isn’t the first time this has happened.

It’s a good thing I already have a boyfriend because I would be the next forever alone representative if I was trying to make that kind of connection with someone. I do have a thing for  cats though, so that’s always an option.

I’m really struggling with this issue and it makes me a little jealous when I watch movies and see how confident and smooth characters are. Maybe that’s why I love movies so much. Or maybe it’s because they give me hope, because even when the main character isn’t so confident things usually tend to work out.


2 thoughts on “365 Days of Awkward

  1. Actors are the most awkward people on earth. I remember watching an interview Michele Pfeiffer did back in the ’90s, and she could barely stammer out an answer to even the simplest questions.

    So yeah, everything looks perfect in the movies. Because it’s scripted. And because they do 4,327 takes.

    Give yourself a break, kiddo. 🙂

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