Perks of Being Me

It’s almost my birthday! WHOOOOOO

To celebrate, here are 19 things that I have learned in the past year about myself to mark my yearly growth:

1) I have become a Directioner.. hard core fan in love with Niall Horan

2) I’ve learned to long board

3) I’m more outgoing and can adequately make friends now.

4) I am a more confident soccer player, which benefits me and the team.

5) I learned about the strike 3, still run rule in baseball

6) I’ve learned the importance of weekends.

7) I’ve learned how to keep a long distance relationship.

8) I finally like ketchup… however, I still hate cheese.

9) I could re-paint my nails everyday and have developed a feeling of nakedness if my nails aren’t decorated.

10) The movie Perks of Being a Wallflower has found a special place in my heart.

11) I’m obsessed with baseball/trucker hats.

12) I’m broke now that I don’t have my mom and open house money in my back pocket.

13) I’m monotone and my college friends think I’m mean sometimes.

14) I’ve learned what a good noodie (no hoodie aka a crew neck) can do for you, comfort-wise.

15) I’m killer at cards and if anyone ever wants to play euchre I’ll be there.

16) Childish Gambino and Pentatonix are definitely worth the listen.

17) I will never be able to brag about my speech abilities.

18) I love nicknames and when my friends pronounce the CH in Nichole when getting my attention.

19) No one but me and a select few people will even care about this list.



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