College is the Time to Live

Why are so many college age kids dying!?

Two days ago a young man and woman died in a car accident… trying to jump the break in the bridge. Tonight I heard on the news a girl died this morning in a town, fifteen minutes away, in a car crash with a semi-truck because she ran a stop sign.

I heard another sobering story in my english class a few days ago. A fellow classmate was talking about her sister, being emotionally injured, from a car accident driving back up to school. Her sister was driving on the highway while a car was pulled over on the other side. The man got out of his car in a panic and jumped over the barrier colliding with her vehicle, dying on impact, and then his body was ran over by a semi-truck driving in the next lane.

But the more publicized deaths from colleges are like the one at Central Michigan, where a 21-year-old was found dead, with his skin discolored today. These commonly seem to be from alcohol and drug abuse, and just irresponsible actions that seem acceptable in the moment. I haven’t done any real research, but that’s what every lecture has been about from all the reliable adults in my life.

However, they occur, it needs to stop. College is the time to have fun, crazy fun, and the risk of death should never be in the same equation as fun. Its just so depressing, and unreal to think about because all of these incidents can happen to anyone, and college kids put themselves at such a high risk since we are always taking things to the next level just for the thrill.

I hope this isn’t too insensitive, but this is how college should be: He doesn’t die, they have a great story to tell, an unforgettable 21st birthday and I think they all learned a lesson to not break into a sorority house.


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